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P O Box 7 Bullcreek Western Australia 6149
Phone: (08) 9310 7884 or (1800) 64 7884      Fax: (08) 9310 1516
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Thanks for your enquiry about prices for Allcrafts goods! The following pages list the products and price lists for the current range of Allcrafts products: Encaustic Art Wax Painting, Safe Soapcrafting, Bath Bomb Kits, Cold Porcelain, Tea Bag Folding, Glitter Faces, Wrap-it Kits and more.

The wax, origami and paper kits fit in very well together and provide craft projects suitable for all ages and abilities, as do the Soap and Bath Bomb kits. We have traders in Australia and New Zealand who regularly teach and demonstrate to schools, seniors homes and groups with special needs and requirements.

The Soap and Bath Bomb kits form part of the newly released $15 craft kit range for 1999. Allcrafts specialises in crafts that are new, different and interesting – with the advantage of being easy to learn! Additional crafts are being trialled during the year to add to the product line; these will be released at various times, once they have passed our stringent testing requirements.

Lists of local traders and distributors are available on request, to enable you to pursue the crafts through direct contact. If you may be interested in becoming a distributor yourself, please do give us a call. In addition, special prices on some items are available to schools and other organisations for fundraising purposes.

All of the goods are available by mail order, with new stocks being delivered regularly. Payment may be made by either cash, cheque or credit card.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions, or if you wish to enquire about becoming a trader; the toll-free number is (1800) 64 7884.

Allcrafts. Because you can’t have too much fun.
If you would like to order any of our products, please print out the order forms and either fax or mail the completed form to us!
 Allcrafts Goods & Services P O Box 7 Bullcreek WA 6149
Phone (08) 9310 7884  Toll Free (1800) 64 7884  Fax (08) 9310 1516
Encaustic Art: Retail Order Form

 Customer Name:_______________________________________Phone: _____________
Product      Qty           Item Description                                              Price             Total
Code          Req.                                                                                each             to pay
5301.00                  Encaustic Painting Iron                                       45.50
5305.00                  Encaustic Stylus + 2 drawing tips + brush          44.50
5305.10                  Raw Beeswax Block for cleaning Brush Tip          6.00
5306/07                  Replacement brushes and tips
                                    (indicate which you would like)                         4.00
5308.00                  Mini Iron Tip for Stylus                                           9.50
5309.00                  Micro Iron Tip for Stylus                                         8.00
5310.01                  Planet Tools for Stylus: 7mm Circle                        4.50
5310.02                  Planet Tools for Stylus: 10mm Square                   6.00
5310.03                  Planet Tools for Stylus: 20mm Circle                      7.50
5310.04                  Planet Tools for Stylus: 32mm Circle                      9.00
5310.15                  Metal Scribing Tool 4.50
5320.00                  ENCAUSTIC ART GIFT BOX SET comprising:      59.99
                              16 Encaustic Wax Starter Colours, 24 page Instruction Book,
                                         Card:  32 x A6, + 32 x A5, + 8 x A4 and Metal Scribing Tool
5321.00                  ENCAUSTIC ART MINI GIFT BOX SET comprising: 27.50

5321.50                  ENCAUSTIC ART SAMPLER SET comprising:         15.00 5331.00                  ‘Hobby’ Instruction and Project Book 64 pages         21.50
5332.00                  How To Paint With Wax Instruction Book                   19.95
5350.01                  16 Wax Single Colour Pack                                         32.00
--->  .27                   (27 different colours available)
                                  *** Waxes are available singly;                                   2.50
5351.00                  16 Waxes “STARTER” colours                                    32.00
5352.00                  16 Waxes “LANDSCAPE” colours                                32.00
5353.00                  16 Waxes “FANTASY” colours                                     32.00
5390.00                   Encaustic Art Teaching Video                                     25.00
                                   57 minutes of tuition and examples
3100.A7                  Size A7 - 100 sheets packaged                                     8.00
3100.A6                  Size A6 - 100 sheets packaged                                   10.00
3100.A5                  Size A5 - 100 sheets packaged                                   16.50
3050.A4                  Size A4 - 50 sheets packaged                                     15.00
3020.A3                  Size A3 - 20 sheets wrapped                                       11.00
3010.A2                  Size A2 - 10 sheets wrapped                                       15.00
CCA4                  Colour Card A4 (11 colours available) - Pack 10             10.00
                              (Black, Navy, Red, Emerald, Pale Blue, Uluru Sky, Cream, Pale
                                        Yellow, Bright Yellow, Grey, Maroon - State Colour when ordering)
CCA6                  Colour Card A6 - Pack 10 (Black or Navy Only)                 4.00
CCA7                  Colour Card A7 - Pack 10 (Black or Navy Only)                 2.50
Wrap                   2’x3’(approx) shiny white paper ready to decorate - Pack 10   10.00
Blanks                Blank white greetings card+env for use with A7: Pk 25      10.00
Birthblanks         As above with ‘Happy Birthday’ message Pk 25                 12.00
Xmasblanks       As above with ‘Merry Christmas’ message Pk 25                12.00
Card1                Let There Be Light; One colour Card and Envelope             2.75
Card1Pk            Let There Be Light: Pack of 5 colour cards and envelopes  8.50
                                            Add $8.00 Post and Packaging:                                      8.00
Allow up to 21 days for delivery                                                         Total:          _______
I enclose Cheque/ Money order for $
I wish to pay by Bankcard/Visa/Mastercard No. _____ _____ _____ _____
Expiry date: ___/___         Cardholder Name________________________


Allcrafts Goods & Services
P O Box 7, Bullcreek, WA 6149.
Ph (08) 9310 7884 Toll Free (1800) 64 7884  Fax: (08) 9310 1516
Email:  Webpage:
TeaBag Folding, Cardmakers, Cold Porcelain,
Glitter Faces and TinSnips
Retail Order Form

 Customer Name:_______________________________________Phone:----_____________

Product      Qty           Item Description                                              Price             Total
Code          Req.         `                                                                      each             to pay

Geo1                        Geometrics (colour: single sheet 34 images)            3.00
Gum                         Flowering Gum (colour: single sheet 34 images)       3.00
Silhouette                 Black images, pastel sheets (pack 6; 204 images)  5.50
Oz Pack                    6 colour sheets of Australian images  15.00
Kids Pk                     6 colour sheets of images just right for kids!      15.00
Floral Pk                   6 colour sheets of delightful floral images          15.00
Xmas Pk                    6 festive colour sheets;Christmas decorating    15.00
Blank4’s                    Brightly coloured 4cm square sheets
                                    for your own designs (approx 350/pk)              4.00
Guillotine                 Personal Guillotine                                              25.00
Circle1                     Circle Cutter                                                       10.00

DTape                     A5 Sheet double-sided adhesive tape                 2.00

TeaInst                 Instruction Sheet with 3 folding designs                   2.00
InstTz                     Theezakjes instruction book                                 12.95

TBKit:                 Introductory Kit
                            comprising Instruction sheet, 2 x Geo1 sheets, Silhouette   15.00
                             Sheets, 1 sheet double-sided tape, 10 Encaustic A5 cards,
                                     scored, plus 10 envelopes.
TB+Kit                 Intro Plus Kit;
                                     comprising Instruction sheet, 2 x Geo1 sheets, Silhouette   25.00
                                    Sheets, 3 sheets double-sided tape, 4 packs coloured sands
                                    (colours may vary) 10 encaustic A5 cards, scored,
                                    plus 10 envelopes.

Blanks A6 Blank white greetings cards + C6envelopes, black
   rectangle outline on front to frame A7 pictures: Pk 25, +
   pack of 30 mixed colour A7 cards, to decorate and affix  10.00
Birthblanks As above with ‘Happy Birthday’ message: Pk 25  10.00
Xmasblanks As above with ‘Merry Christmas’ message:  Pk 25  10.00
BlankBulk 100 cards and envelopes, choose blank, xmas or b/day  35.00

Juniors A6 Card Pack: 4 A7 Encaustic Wax pictures to decorate, 2 ‘spots’
(age 5 up)   Encaustic pictures for hairdryer art, 10 mixed  colour A7 cards to
   decorate and affix , 10 Blank A6 greetings cards and envelopes,
   1 sheet  double sided tape, 3 small sheets foil (colours may vary),
   small pack glitter, small pack sequins, ideas sheet with patterns 10.00
JuniorsBulk As above, bundle of 10 packs, packed separately  80.00

Tinies A6 Card Pack:  4  A6 Encaustic Wax pictures for sgraffito (scratching)
 (age 3 up)   designs, 2 ‘spots’ Encaustic pictures for hairdryer art, 4 plain Encaustic
   cards, 1 sheet doubl sided tape,  3 small sheets of foil (colours may
   vary), plus 6 oval aperture cards, env & seals, ideas sheet 10.00
TiniesBulk As above, bundle of 10 packs, packed separately  80.00

HairArt A6 Encaustic ‘spots’ pictures for blowing with hairdryer 1.00
HairArtBulk As above, bundle of 20 cards, packed separately  17.50

Concert Tiny pair of Encaustic cards, ribbon, instructions and insert:
   choose from Happy Birthday, Happy Mothers’
   Day, Merry Christmas, Just for You, or blank.  2.00
ConcBulk As above, bundle of 20 mixed cards packed separately 30.00

Cello Pk 50 cellophane bags suitable for A6 cards/C6 envelopes 7.50
Mgrip Minigrip Plastic Bags:- A4: 6off,  or A5:10off,  or A6:12off 1.00

Wrap 2’x3’(approx) shiny white paper ready to decorate, Pk of 5 6.00
WrapHalf As above, half size sheets, pack of 5  4.00

Wrapit Wrap, cards, env, tags to decorate, plus ribbon (3 sets/pk) 6.00
WrapitBulk As above, bundle of 20 packs  100.00


CP001 200g Aust CP Formulation 1  - general use  10.00
CP002 100g Aust CP Formulation 2 - delicate flowers  7.50

CPGuide 6-page General Instruction Guide  3.50
CPVideoF Forever Flowers - Making and colouring CP Flowers  25.00

Oasis Dry Oasis (half) Brick to hold finished wired flowers                                       4.60
Foam Pad 10cm (approx) Square to help with modelling flower petals  2.50

   Subtotal to carry forward: ________

 Allcrafts Goods & Services P O Box 7 Bullcreek WA 6149
Phone (08) 9310 7884 Toll Free (1800) 64 7884 Fax (08) 9310 1516 Email:

Product      Qty           Item Description                                              Price             Total
Code          Req.                                                                                                              each             to pay
                                                             SUBTOTAL from previous page:              ______


Faces Kit Sticky Pot, 2 Pks varied Glitter/Sequins (order 20 get 5 free)  5.00

 NEW! Sequin Packs;
 choose Starman, Fairy, Ringmaster, Moonchild, Enchanter or Princess mix

Seq small 10g pack, enough for 10 faces minimum  5.00
Seq large 100g bulk pack - have a party!  35.00
StickyL Large (party size) stickypot  5.00


TS10cm 10cm (approx) Square of medium duty aluminium foil for embossing  1.00
TSmetre 1 metre (approx) roll of medium duty foil approx 34cm wide  silver colour 10.00
ThinTin 1 metre (approx) roll of light duty foil, approx 34 cm wide silver colour 5.00
ThinCTin 1 metre (approx) roll, coloured one side green, red or brown  6.50
Foam Pad 10cm (approx) Square  2.50

XmasTinPk Make your own Christmas cards with TinSnips! Comprises 6 blank Xmas 7.00
 cards &env, coloured ThinTin, A5 double-sided tape, coloured A7 cards,
 instructions with patterns for 6 Christmas designs to make
XmasStars Make your own Christmas Decorations! Comprises 10cm foil, 4 felt pieces 5.00
 pattern for 6 stars, hanging cord, and double-sided tape, instructions
TSKit TinSnips Kit comprising: 10cm foil, 4cm square pad, 5 Encaustic  4.50
 A5 cards, scored, 3 envelopes, double-sided tape, instructions.

                                             Add $8.00 Post and Packaging:                           8.00
Allow up to 21 days for delivery Total:
I enclose Cheque/ Money order for $
I wish to pay by Bankcard/Visa/Mastercard No. _____ _____ _____ _____
Expiry date: ___/___         Cardholder Name________________________


This order to be sent to:
Name_______________________ Phone_____________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________

 Allcrafts Goods & Services
P O Box 7, Bullcreek, WA 6149.  Ph (08) 9310 7884 Toll Free (1800) 64 7884  Fax: (08) 9310 1516
Email:  Webpage:

Melt & Mould Soap & Toiletry Kits and Components - Retail Order Form

Product      Qty           Item Description                                              Price             Total
Code          Req.     each    to pay

GK1 Glycerine Soapbase kit 15.00
 Comprising: 400g Transparent Base,  Moulds (shapes may vary)
 Colour chips, Fragrances and Instructions

HK1 Handmade Castille Soapbase kit 15.00
 Comprising: 400g Handmade Castille Soap Moulds (shapes may vary),
 Dried Lavender, Colour chips, Fragrance chips, and Instructions

 Components of the kits may be purchased individually:


G200 200g Glycerine Soapbase  7.00
H200 200g Handmade Castille Soapbase 5.00


Basics Melt & Mould Soap: The Basics 5.00
M&MRec Recipes with Melt & Mould Soap (available: April 1999) 15.00
T/True Make Your Own Toiletries: Tried and True Recipes (avail November 1999) 29.95
M&MVid Melt & Mould on Video! See how easy this all really is... (avail. May 1999) 25.00

 Colour Chips
 (each chip sufficient to adequately colour 100g of Soapbase -
 simply shave off a  little at a time and mix to get the right colour/s)

FC1 Food Colour chips,
 set of 3, Yellow, Red, Blue 1.50
PC1 Pigment Colour chips,
 set of 4, Green, Pink, Blue, Violet 3.00
Mica1 Sparkling Mica Chips,
 set of 5, Green Crimson, Copper, Gold, White  4.50

 Colour Powder (NEW!)

Cols Circle your choice: Tartrazine, Amaranth, Brilliant Blue, Ultramarine 6.00
 or Gold Mica, packed in vials (call to ask if any new ones are available!)

 Soap Scents (NEW!)
 Packed in 15ml amber bottles (15ml fragrances approx 1Kg of cured soap;
 For soap from scratch, weigh oils and NaOH to get cured soap weight). The
 prices are grouped into ranges. Asterisks indicate completion of testing to ensure
 suitability for cold process soap manufacture. Where no asterisk is shown against
 the scent, use for rebatching or Melt and Mould only. The letters ‘eo’ after the scent
 indicate pure 100% essential oil. Some eo’s, eg citrus, require fixatives if used in
 cold process soap, to retain their scents. Larger quantities available at a discount.

ScentsA Rose*, Sandalwood, Coconut, Vanilla Musk, Vanilla, Sweet Orange eo*,
 Eucalyptus eo*, Citrus Spice 5.00
ScentsB Jasmin, Mandarin eo, Lemon eo, Lavender eo*, Lime eo*, Cardamom eo
 Peppermint eo* 7.50
Scents C Rose Garden, Chocolate, Ocean 10.00
Scents D Bay eo*, Bergamot eo*, Patchouli eo* 15.00

                                           SUBTOTAL Carried Forward:                                  ______

Allcrafts Goods & Services P O Box 7 Bullcreek WA 6149
Phone (08) 9310 7884 Toll Free (1800) 64 7884 Fax (08) 9310 1516 Email:

Product      Qty           Item Description                                              Price             Total
Code          Req.     each             to pay

                                                             SUBTOTAL from previous page:              ______


MMM1 Single Moulds Choose from Sleeping Baby, Koala, Owl or Elephant 2.50
MMM2 Double Moulds Choose from Star&Moon, or Dinosaurs  (Dinos may vary) 2.95
MMM3 Multiple Moulds Choose from Hearts, Roses, Bears or Celestial 4.50
 (call to find out what other multiples we have available!)

 Emollients, Hardeners, Exfoliants, Additives

CB100 Cocoa Butter 100g  8.00
Coco500 Coconut Oil 500ml 7.00
Emu100 Emu Oil 100ml 10.00
Jojo100 Jojoba 100m 10.00
Al100 Sweet Almond Oil 100ml 7.50
BChip Beeswax Chips (pack of 6)  2.00
ExMix Poppy Seed and Almond Exfoliant mix: 50g 3.00
Teas Milk & Teas mix: 100g 4.00
Herb1 Herbs and Flowers available in season 100g 10.00
EmWax Emulsifying Wax 100g 10.00
Citric200 Anhydrous Citric Acid - just right for making bath bombs!  200g  5.50

 Embedding objects  (NOT suitable for children under age 3)

Toy1 Pack of small toys to embed in transparent soap base 5.00
ToyG Pack of small toys suitable for girls to embed in transparent base 5.00
ToyB Pack of small toys suitable for boys to embed in transparent base 5.00

 Bath Bomb Kits (NEW!)

BB1 Introductory Kit - mix, moulds, colours, fragrances, instructions 15.00
BBK Basic mix refill (600g) 6.00
BBC Colour Packs for Bathbombs Choose from Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple,
 Orange/brown or Green 0.75
Moulds See moulds mentioned above, or call for our latest offerings!

 Wrapping Soaps and Gifts

Shrink1 ShrinkWrap (1metre x 54cm plus instructions) 4.00
Wrapit 3 sets of Wrapping paper, cards, envelopes, and gift tags to decorate  6.00
 plus curling ribbon & texta pack

 Bottles and Containers (NEW!)

Lip10 10ml plastic Lip Balm Container (clear or white)   1.30
Amber15 15ml Amber Glass bottle (no cap)   0.90
Cobalt15 15ml Cobalt Glass bottle (no cap)   1.75
Cap15 Cap for 15ml Bottles    0.25
Drip15 Dripulator Cap for 15ml Bottles    0.45
Amber100 100ml Amber Glass bottle (no cap)   1.75
Cobalt100 100ml Cobalt Glass bottle (no cap)   2.85
Cap100 Cap for 100ml Bottles    0.45
Atom100 Atomiser Cap for 100ml Bottles    1.40
Atom50 Atomiser Cap for 50ml plastic bottles   1.40
White50 50ml White plastic bottles (no cap)   1.75
Cap50 Cap for 50ml plastic bottles    0.45

                                           SUBTOTAL Carried Forward:                                  ______
 Allcrafts Goods & Services P O Box 7 Bullcreek WA 6149
Phone (08) 9310 7884 Toll Free (1800) 64 7884 Fax (08) 9310 1516 Email:

                                                             SUBTOTAL from previous page:              ______

 The Saponifier Trade Publication

Sap1 One year’s subscription to ‘The Saponifier’, the bi-monthly specifically
 devoted to the needs and requirements of small soap and toiletry
 makers. Jointly Edited by Melanie Dunstan of Allcrafts, ‘The Saponifier’
 is published in USA, but the information is useful worldwide.
 International Subscription  (6 issues - 1 year)                         US$40.00
Sap2 Two year’s subscription to ‘The Saponifier (12 issues - 2 years) US$75.00
Sap3 Single copy of current issue of ‘The Saponifier’   US$5.50
SapBak Back issues of ‘The Saponifier’   US$5.00

                                             Add $8.00 Post and Packaging:                                    8.00
Allow up to 21 days for delivery Total:
I enclose Cheque/ Money order for $
I wish to pay by Bankcard/Visa/Mastercard No. _____ _____ _____ _____
Expiry date: ___/___         Cardholder Name________________________


This order to be sent to:
Name_______________________ Phone_____________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________

 NEWS: Safe Soapcrafting -
   With Melt & Mould Soap!

Glorious and addictive craft fun coming your way..... Glycerine Melt & Mould Soap is so easy - you just melt in a double boiler over a low heat, add colours and fragrances, pour into a pretty mould, and use as soon as it’s set! What could be simpler than this safe soapcrafting - no harsh chemicals, no high temperatures, no complicated procedures - and any mess just cleans up with a damp cloth - after all, it’s soap!!

Glycerine Melt & Mould soap is an all-vegetable transparent soap base. With adequate supervision, even children as young as pre-primary age can enjoy this craft! For the experienced soapcrafter, Melt & Mould soap brings a new and added dimension to soap - no waiting around for curing times - pour this afternoon and use tonight! Melt & Mould soap is unscented, and is excellent for Aromatherapists, allowing the exact aroma blend to be mixed for a scented shower or bath! Teachers love this - it enables science and art to be combined! Soapcrafting is great for artists and sculptors too - the base is easily cut and carved with a knife! Mums love Melt & Mould - keeps the kids occupied for hours - and then the next day they can do it all over again with the same soapbase, as it’s re-meltable - mistakes become material for future soaps! Jelly moulds, candy moulds and ordinary household items become instant and re-usable moulds for the finished soap....

By combining colours and shapes, an incredible array of effects can be achieved - embedding different coloured soaps - even embedding trinkets for the over-3 age group, plus the addition of the scent of your choice brings you a wealth of unending craft fun!

For those who prefer handcrafted soap, Melt & Mould Castille Soapbase kit is a must – enjoy the benefits of a proper soap, scientifically formulated from base ingredients with all the natural benefits of a handmade soap.

Melt & Mould is packaged as a kit, containing the soap base, colour chips, fragrances, moulds and full instructions! Everything you need to get started, for the introductory retail price of $15 - plus a full range of supporting products is also available to enable you to either replenish your kit or purchase individual components.

Allcrafts’ Melt & Mould kits are part of the new $15 retail craft kit range for 1999.  Priced for giving.

Allcrafts. Because you can’t have too much fun! Enjoy your new craft!

For more information and trade prices, contact:

Allcrafts Goods & Services
P O Box 7, Bullcreek WA 6149
Ph: (08) 9310 7884  Toll Free: (1800) 64 7884
Fax: (08) 9310 1516   Email:
See the toiletries page on the website - NEW!!!
 NEWS: Bath Bomb Kits – Easy, Fast, Fun!

You’ve seen them in the shops – huge, brittle hunks of wonderful-smelling bathtime delight…. Now it’s time to make your very own bath bombs.

This is one of the easiest crafts we’ve come across – even three year olds love making bath bombs – with a little adult help!  Great for schools too – see science at work!

Measure your basic mix, add some colour powder, a few taps on a fragrance vial to ensure your bath bomb smells just perfect – and then a light misting with a spray bottle – and your bath bombs are ready to mould.

It’s just like making sandcastles…. No wonder the kids love it! Pack the damp mix into a mould – there are some with the kit, but look round the house for all sorts of interesting shapes – jelly moulds, plastic cups and more….

Turn out onto greasproof paper as soon as the mould is packed, leave for 24 hours to dry, and your bomb is ready for bathtime!

There is some glamour glitter in the kit to make your bath bombs that extra bit special! Other variations to the basic bath bomb are easy – you can add milk, petals, oatmeal, almond meal, bath teas and more to make your bathtime special and perfect. And because our kit is easy on the pocket, it means that bathbombs are now an affordable luxury! You can make some to use and some to share and give as gifts!

The kit contains three scents, and there are plenty more available as refills. Alternatively you can use your own essential oil and aromatherapy blends, and add a little almond oil for extra moisturising effect….

Once you’ve made your own bath bombs in your own designs, colours and scents at a fraction of the cost of those available in the shops, you won’t want to stop! And of course, the fun goes on with refills for the kit, additional moulds, colours and scents.

Allcrafts’ Bath Bombs kit is part of the new $15 retail craft kit range for 1999.  Priced for giving.

Allcrafts. Because you can’t have too much fun! Enjoy your new craft!

For more information and trade prices, contact:

Allcrafts Goods & Services
P O Box 7, Bullcreek WA 6149
Ph: (08) 9310 7884  Toll Free: (1800) 64 7884
Fax: (08) 9310 1516   Email:
See the toiletries page on the website - NEW!!!
 NEWS: Tea Bag Folding
What a wonderful name! Strictly speaking, this craft is miniature kaleidoscope origami. According to recent legend, a Dutch lady, Tiny van der Plaas, was short of a birthday card for a friend. As she pondered over a cuppa, she idly started to fold the ‘envelope jacket’ that her tea-bag had been packed in. Eureka, a new craft was born! In Australia, we have similar envelopes for some tea-bags - check out the Liptons fruit teas in small boxes and the Twinings teas in 10-packs. They aren’t much by comparison with the Douwe Egberts brand that Tiny used, although the Dilmah brand have some reasonably useful pictures, once again in the small packets. Cut out the squares, and you’re off to a great start.
Most designs require about eight squares to complete. However, before you have visions of drowning in an excess of tea, there are now sheets available (around 24 - 34 squares per sheet) that you can cut into squares. A large percentage of these are imported from Holland; however the range of Australian designed sheets is growing steadily.
If you can fold a piece of paper in half, then you can do this craft wiith ease! The folds are simple, and the finished squares are interlocked to obtain the lovely kaleidoscopic appearance. A few minutes with some scrap paper will give you sufficient practice to follow the diagrams correctly.
There are four instruction books currently available, with the text in Dutch. An English instruction book is scheduled for release at the end of August; also an English ‘companion issue’ to the Dutch instruction books is currently on the drawing boards. This will show examples of the folds with English instructions, referenced back to the relevant Dutch texts.
For those who need assistance in cutting straight lines, the ‘personal guillotine’ is available. This is a lightweight but robust tool, and has spare cutting blades. In addition, a circular cutter will allow you to vary the results of your folding, plus using wavy-edged scissors can give some spectacular results.
As a bonus, Tea Bag Folding fits well in with Sand Expressions, another Allcrafts product. Using a double-sided tape such as ‘Peel’n’Stick’, (also available from Allcrafts) the design can be cut out and stuck onto a card; the top release paper peeled away and then the coloured sands sprinkled over the sticky surface. The Tea Bag rosettes and shapes can be stuck on the card to complete the design. A lovely enhancement to kaleidoscope folding!
Tea Bag Folding, together with other unusual crafts such as Encaustic Art, Cold Porcelain, Tinsnips and Glitter Faces, is available either as kits or as single sheets from Allcrafts Goods & Services. There are local distributors in most states, and plenty of room for more distributors if anyone is interested in pursuing this fascinating hobby as a business!
For more information and trade prices, contact:

Allcrafts Goods & Services
P O Box 7, Bullcreek WA 6149
Ph: (08) 9310 7884  Toll Free: (1800) 64 7884
Fax: (08) 9310 1516   Email:

 NEWS:   Cold Porcelain

Cold Porcelain is new to Australia. It’s as versatile as modelling clay, delicate as sugarcraft, and durable as true porcelain. Now you can make delightful models - from the tiniest petals to large sculptures -  without an oven or a kiln!

Cold Porcelain starts life as a packet of soft white paste, that dries in the air to a lasting, semi-opaque finish. Using your fingers, simple household tools, oil paints and varnish, Cold Porcelain can take you from a basket of exquisite flowers in an afternoon, to life-size models based around traditional armature supports.

A wide variety of people use Cold Porcelain - Wedding Specialists love it! Now the bride can have a model of herself and her new husband in their wedding clothes, a copy of her bouquet, the decorations from her wedding cake, napkin rings, place cards and so on - and her mum has a permanent corsage as a reminder of that special day!

Teachers love it! The use of polystyrene and styrofoam supports, together with the minute quantities of oil colour used, ensures that  Cold Porcelain is an economical addition to the curriculum.

Kids love it!  Safely non-toxic, Cold Porcelain is so easy to use that even pre-scoolers can get realistically fine details in their models! Budding sculptors can spend many happy hours creating with Cold Porcelain - which means that Mums love it too!

Craftspeople love it! From general craft workers to miniature makers, egg crafters, potters and sculptors, Cold Porcelain has something to offer everyone. Using specialised moulds and cutters, craftspeople can obtain high quality finishes to their models in a fraction of the time it would take to form each piece by hand.

Cold Porcelain is new, different and interesting - which is a trademark of the products distributed and sold by Allcrafts Goods & Services.  In addition to Cold Porcelain, Allcrafts products include Encaustic Art, wax painting using an electric iron; Sand Expressions, a craft suitable for all ages and abilities, using a die-cut sticky board and sand, glitter and foil; Tea-Bag folding, an unusual, origami-style of craft using small, specially designed papers; Safe soapcrafting using Melt & Mould glycerine soaps; and various Kids’ crafts, including Glitter Faces, Wrap-it and Colour-it kits.

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